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    Spicy Thai Noodles

    So I’m kind of good at just throwing something together and it being pretty darn yummy. I’m not sure if it comes from my love of Food Network and watching how the chefs blend flavors for their amazing dishes or if it is an offshoot that stems from my other super power of  being able to mix and match exactly any color with paint. I’d like to credit imagination and just being willing to experiment. I’ve had plenty of misses, to be sure, but those are few and far between. This dish was one of those throw something together and hope for the best kind of meals and it did…

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    Cornish Pasties: The Delightful Hand Pie

      One of my favorite things about traveling is experiencing all the different food offerings available in new locations. Our family has a rule that when we travel we cannot eat anywhere we have at home. Luckily, our small town has modest offerings so this isn’t usually much of a challenge. On my first trip to London, I was pleasantly surprised at the multi-cultural mecca of food that awaited me and let me tell you, I dove right in. Luckily, I was travelling with like-minded friends and usually we would all order something different and then share our meals family style. Aside from the traditional and delicious English offerings of…

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    You’re So Vanilla

    From my earliest memories homemade ice cream was a regular summertime treat. I don’t recall much of the preparation of said ice cream, only that I would “help” my dad as he hand cranked the bucket of sugary goodness- usually whilst sitting in the floor, working to the rhythm of whatever 70s rock was playing through his headphones- the cord of which was stretched from the console turntable across the room. I can see him sitting there in the shag carpet of the living room of our single wide trailer, back against the rust and green floral velour couch, bucket between his outstretched legs, head bobbing in time to the…

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    @JoannaGaines Is My Spirit Animal

    You may be living under a rock if you haven't heard of Joanna Gaines or Waco's Magnolia Silos, or even the HGTV show Fixer Upper. I'd venture to guess we might not even run in the same circles if this is the case. But, if you're like me, and Joanna Gaines is your spirit animal too, then we might end up being soul sisters. Read on for my review of our trips to the Silos and JoJo's newly released cookbook, Magnolia Table.

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    Throwback Thursday… Honey Lime Chicken circa 1991

      So last Thursday, I dove into Nanny’s mystery file and happened upon a chicken recipe from 1991. And I bet you’re wondering how exactly I know it is from 1991? Well. My super sleuth Sherlock deduction skills note that it seems to be cut from a newspaper- and on the back of the recipe there are grocery ads- you know the Wednesday insert type of ads that have coupons? Well, this just happens to have a coupon that expired September 21, 1991.  While I’d love to give credit to the original author of this recipe, Nanny left out all the details when she clipped this little gem from the…